Frequently Asked Questions

What Size Banners Can I Promote Here?
The banner size here is 125x125 but you can use one slightly different size as it will resize them to fit but it may not quite look right if the size is not equal.

Can I Top Up My Impressions At Any Time?
Yes, we sell banner advertising impression packages at just $7 each so you can get more views to your banners whenever you wish.

Where Are My Banners Seen?
We show banners on all pages of this site, including the main page and splash pages so your banners will be seen all over the internet as we promote in hundreds of traffic exchanges, mailers and ad sites. We also have the banners shown on the bottom of all the Stephane Tourigny Productions Network sites inside the members area.

My Banner Has Been Suspended Why & What Can I Do?
We suspend banners that get reported if they break our terms of service. For example but not limited to adult content. Simply contact us with your banner URL and we can have a look and tell you why. From time to time we also pause them if the site you are promoting goes down and we notice no banner showing so that it does not waste your impressions. You can un-pause yourself at any time from the banner page.

I Have Forgot My Password?
You can request your password or password change by using the forgot password page. Linked from the login page. Your passwords are encrypted so we are unable to give it to you so if the system mail does not find its way to you then you can request by support ticket that we reset it to one of our choice and you can change it when logging in.

I Am Not Getting Emails / Verification Emails From 7 Dollar Ads?
You can use the resend page. Link to this can also be found on the login page. This will resend the email confirmation link to you. Sadly all our system can do is send out the link. If you do not get it then it will be down to your email service provider blocking our emails.

How Much Is It To Join?
7 Dollar Ads is Free to join and you just purchase a $7 package of banner impressions whenever you wish!

What Guarantee Do You Have?
While we are unable to guarantee results because different people will have different results depending on what and how they are promoting all we can do is provide the service. However if you are not 100% satisfied with your purchase you can take advantage of our 14 day exchange guarantee and have your membership exchanged for another one of our services or products. All payments are non refundable. See terms page for details.

How Can I Contact You For Support?
We are easily reachable using our support ticket system. See the support link in the page footers and also in the members menu. We aim to get back to you ASAP normally within 12 hours.

Earn Gems For Promoting Us
You are rewarded with 2 Gems at 7 Dollar Ads for each time that you view the Site Of The Day (login ad) and also 175 Gems for each $7 package of impressions that any person that you have introduced to us buys.

So as an example, If one of your referrals buys the 5 boxes deal you would get 875 Gems as a reward. That would get you your own box of impressions and still give you 175 left.

What Can I Use MY Gems For?
Gems can be used for purchasing a $7 package of impressions for yourself to use or you can transfer them to your account to use them for other advertising. (A Trade button will appear next to the item when you have enough Gems)

How Can I Cancel My Account If I Do Not Like It?
Inside you can simply click on your profile/details page found in the members menu and you will find a delete account button. This will instantly remove your account and stop all emails from us. Please note this action is final we do not hold any information after you delete your account so we are unable to get your account back. Remember if you do decide to go to use our exchange guarantee so you get your moneys worth at another site.

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